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SPI One Las Vegas Conference & Expo

Marketing & Sales * Branding & Design * Shooting Skills

Embassy Suites 4315 Swenson St Las Vegas, NV 89119 September 7th – 9th 2016


Marketing & Sales   

Lapses in sales?

Marketing is a 24-7-365 effort. The best marketers are using all the tools at their disposal and prospering. Many small businesses lack consistent marketing efforts, creating lapses in business and sales.

Take the opportunity to stop, think, evaluate & plan.

How many chances do we take to stop, think and evaluate our direction and goals? We try to and then the phone rings, production needs to be done and customers need to be served!

Join 400 of your peers and colleagues for SPI One Conference & Expo. We promise that you will be immersed in an atmosphere of ideas, fun and friendship as working photographers share their ideas from around the country.

Marketing & Sales

“One of the most difficult areas for photographers to address is the business/marketing end of photography yet it is one of the most critical areas needed for success!  Every business needs a marketing plan.  The marketing plan provides your business with a road map for success.

Unfortunately, most photography businesses (much like many other small businesses) do not have a formal marketing plan because it is not in their comfort zone and they don’t know how to go about creating one.

With this in mind, SPI feels the need to help photographers develop a functional marketing plan with our 3 day Marketing & Sales program.  The first two days will consist of discussion classes to develop business building/marketing ideas with a mission statement (including unique selling propositions) and initial branding suggestions through various advertising/promotion programs to generate increased sales and profits.  Day 3 will consist of actually developing a basic marketing plan following key steps in building the plan.

This program will be led by one of the most respected and knowledgeable marketing professionals in the industry and it will definitely give you a competitive edge over your competition and help you maximize your studio’s sales and profits!

Don’t hesitate, get on the road to greater sales and profits.”

Bill Camacho

SPI Director of Business Development

Promises of the program:

  • How To Effectively Brand Your Business

  • 10 Great New Ideas to Increase Sales

  • Develop Your Marketing Plan

  • Develop Your Marketing Calendar

  • Develop Your Marketing Budget and more!