Print Competition


SPI Winter Conference

Jan 4th – 6th Wyndham Orlando Resort

8001 International Blvd Orlando Florida


 Photographic Competition Rules



  1. Entrants must have captured and created the original exposure.

  2. Entrants name must appear on the reverse top middle of the entry.

  3. Entrant must be present at the conference in order to enter. The competition is designed to educate all entrants in the art of competition.

  4. Judging will be by SPI standards and entrants will be able to see the actual judging and request critiques afterwards. Standards will be posted at a later date.

  5. A maximum of 8 entries may be submitted for judging per entrant.

  6. No two entries may be of the same subject

  7. Entry media will be prints and/or digital files only. Entrant must submit a disk of all entries with a thumbnail image of each entry for viewing at the awards banquet. All images from one entrant must be represented on one disk if you enter prints or digital images. ( 4000 pixels on the longest side, no larger than 4mb )

  8. All entries receiving  scores 80 or higher will receive an SPI merit, be considered for an award, and be displayed at the conference

Photographic Competition Categories

  1. Event – Weddings and social events, storytelling

  2. Still Life – Flowers, landscapes, non-living objects , etc. (Could include some commercial)

  3. Portrait – People, Pets, living things

  4. Male Folio – size minimum 10″x”20 max  12″x24″ – Can be an actual leather folio or an electronic layout with up to 8 images.

  5. Female Folio – size minimum 10″x”20 max  12″x24″ – Can be an actual leather folio or an electronic layout with up to 8 images

  6. Sports Action or posed, single image portrait of one individual, with or without enhancement.

  7. Sports Collage of single individual, two or more individuals or teams. You may use as many images included as you wish.

Submission Options

  1. Prints: Entrants may submit printed images of any shape and size on a mount board a minimum of 80 square inches to a maximum of 320 square inches. (8×10 – 16×20). An electronic reference file must be submitted with each entry. This file must exactly match the submitted print entry. ( 4000 pixels on the longest side, no larger than 4mb ) All entries may be submitted on one disk per entrant.

  2. Digital Submissions: Files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels Each file must contain an embedded color profile of sRGB  and be saved as a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should be 4.0 MB or slightly larger. Files are to be named: Maker’s Last name_ First Name_Category _ Image Title ( Smith_John_portrait_Aloneatlast.jpg ). Please do not put an under score in the image title.

Deadlines and Fees

  1. Entry fee is $15 per entry. Maximum of $65 for up to 8 entries.

  2. Deadline for delivery of entries is Tuesday January 17th @ 10 AM. Drop entries off at the registration table.

Shipping and Delivery

  1. Entries must be hand delivered during the conference. Mailed or otherwise delivered entries will not be accepted.

  2. Entries must be picked up by the end of the conference. Entries will not be mailed or shipped after the conference.

Award Information

  1. The highest combined scores of the two folio categories will determine – SPI Folio Photographer of the Year. The highest scoring print per entrant will be counted towards the award.

  2. The highest combined scores of any of five categories will determine – Overall Photographer of the Year.  If you have one image in any of five of the seven categories you will be eligible for this award. If you have an entry in all seven categories the five highest scores in each will be taken.

  3. Trophies will be awarded to all seven categories for individual merits as decided by the judges.

  4. Entrants scoring at least an 80 or higher in all eight categories will also be recognized.

  5. Best of Show will be awarded by the judges to one of the images that scored an 80 or better.