Andrea Chapelo

Andrea Chapelo

Program description with Carrie Perez:

Come and learn some of the most essential tips and strategies of two successful single photographers who have spent over twenty five combined years fighting, scratching and clawing their way to the top of their markets.  Andrea and Carrie will walk you through how to create specific goals you will be able to achieve.  You’ll also walk away with the tools to reach those goals.  This program will give you the knowledge and the confidence to create your own Happily Ever After.

Why Andrea does what she does:

My Why…Why I do this job. I do this job because I love the feeling of being able to help a senior see how beautiful she really is. I love connecting with them during the session and seeing their personalities shine through their images.

My other why is my family. Running my business has allowed me as a single mom to support my two children while being able to be on a schedule that has permitted me to be at every activity and get them to every practice.

Andrea’s Biography:

Andrea Chapelo is an award winning nationally published photographer, a veteran, and a single Mom of two kick ass kids. She has run a successful photography business since 2003. Photography is something that she has always loved, so after serving in the US Air Force she used her GI Bill to propel her hobby into a full time career. She has successfully grown every aspect of her business, but her Senior photography is what she is most known for in her area.

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