David Beckham

David Beckham

Why David does what he does:

There is no greater joy for me than to help someone see themselves differently.  As a photographer I want my clients to see themselves as those that love the see them; beautiful, strong,  and unique.  And I love the connection I get with these young people as we bring that out.   As a teacher it is so fulfilling to watch someone look at the back of their camera as they realize they can take photographs didn’t think they can do.  As a speaker I love to inspire people to follow their dreams and help them achieve them.  I am so blessed to be able to use the gifts I have been given every day of my life.


David is an award winning photographer and a nationally recognized speaker and teacher.  He is a Grand Imaging Award Top Ten winner in 2016 in the Senior Category.  And a two time Senior Style Guide Hot 100 photographer.  His work and articles have been published in numerous national magazines.  David’s studio is located in Pickerington, Ohio where specializes in Fashion Seniors and portfolio work for the local modeling industry.   He teaches four workshops a year from his studio and will be teaching at SPI, SYNC, Shutterfest and other events this year.   His work can be seen at his website at www.davidbeckhamphotography.com  and on Instagram and Facebook @davidbeckhamphotography

Thursday Pre Con Work Shop

This will be a very hands-on Senior Photography Day.  We will focus on the elements of posing so that you can use these techniques for natural looking photographs that flatter all body types.  We will be doing all of that with a Fashion Flare as well.

Lighting will separate the best photographers from everyone else. We will start with lighting fundamentals and work thru multiple light set ups and apply this knowledge to outdoor shooting with ambient light and OCF.

Over lunch we will look at a different way to do Senior Models and thru the whole day there will be an open conversation on anything senior photography.

Bring your camera – I’ll have triggers so that you can all shoot and learn at the same time.

Friday Shooting class:

OCF that Doesn’t Look Like OCF.  We will look at lighting outdoors with OCF.  We’ll set up to light in full sun and We’ll spend time looking at using OCF to shoot wide open without HSS and adding a touch of light as fill to perfect a photo.   We will have multiple set ups and plenty of triggers so that you will be able to shoot and learn!