Gina Barca

Gina Barca


Have you been scratching your head due to major changes in marketing? Confused at how to reach a new audience? Gina, who has researched the subject Marketing to Millennials, will share her knowledge and tips for marketing to a new generation.


Gina is a Certified Professional Photographer and graphic designer specializing in wedding photography, corporate branding, marketing and social media. After graduating from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a degree in Graphic Design, Gina founded Barca Designs in 2009. With an eye for design and a passion for marketing, Gina set out to build a brand that would stand out from the crowd. The success of Barca Designs is a testament to her tactical branding and marketing strategies. Gina has expanded her brand to help other creative entrepreneurs define and refine their brands and become not only more successful but more profitable using her proven techniques.

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