Larry Becker

Larry Becker

Friday Program:

“Video is exploding as a communications tool for business online, and I help still shooters understand how to maximize profit with very little extra effort. And for presenters themselves, I help beginners craft their message and develop their persona, and I help pros adjust their style to connect even better. Being good with video is one of the fastest ways to build an audience, make sales, and make more money.”


For the past decade Larry Becker has been working with the world’s leading photography and Photoshop trainers. He’s presented at Photoshop World on stage with the president of Adobe, hosted web based photography shows, live webcasts, authored camera and software tutorials, represented the National Association of Broadcasters as an official presenter, and he’s best known as a regular camera gear reviewer for the largest camera retailer in the world, B&H Photo in NY.

While working for a number of companies as an on-camera spokesperson, trainer and presenter, Larry has also recently begun to share his on-camera tips, tricks, and insights with a growing audience of professional still shooters interested in learning how to present on their own videos, as well as teaching them how to do simple business videos for additional profitability.

Web based videos are mission-critical to every single business that has online customers and while there are a number of sources who teach the production side of video, there is a surprising lack of on-camera presenters willing to share their strategies. And there are no video pros who stop well short of “film school” so that still shooters can learn simple, professional looking video capture and not go down the path to complete cinematography. Larry fills that gap, teaches still shooters, and coaches presenters regularly. This is his focus on his YouTube channel, on Facebook and other social media, and at his site,