Nik Pekridis

 Why he does what he does…

I was born into a photography family. My dad, uncle and his brothers were all photographers. Since 1946 photography has been a part of my family and life.

In 2007 I “woke up” and I decided that I needed to reach a different level and  improve myself & work by “investing“ into my education and skill. Since I was 12 years old, I have realized that i need to improve every week or stop. That single decision, to be the best I could be, and deliver that to my clients was a turning point in my life. I started and continue to learn as much as I can by taking part in seminars, conferences and education.

10 years after that turning point I have traveled to more that 25 countries teaching and sharing my techniques.

Thursday Workshop Description:

“What makes me click” – Everything you want to know from theory to editing. This workshop will be cover in depth subjects but will be easy to follow. The workshop about wedding and portrait photography will include:

  • How to light and pose your subject

  • What type of backgrounds are appropriate.

  • Do’s and donts in photography.

  • LR and Ps techniques to improve your images.

Saturday shoot out program:

This workshop will cover in depth practice shooting (indoor and outdoor) using different lighting tools in different conditions. What to use and where to use it from ambient to continuous and off camera speed lights.


Nik Pekridis is a Greek based global wedding photographer. Nik is a full time, professional spanning 30 years and 3 generations. He helped establish the PWS in 2009: a unique competition based photography community.

Nik is a member of many organizations and societies all over the world and actively submits imagery into their print competitions, judges and instructs. He has won numerous gold merits and Accolades of Excellence at SWPP, WPPI and PWS conventions.

He has a “world” of experience. Nik has taught 4 day workshops in Corfu with Yervant. In 2011 he taught with Bambi Cantrell, David Beckstead and Michael Greenberg. Along with Keda Feng and Johnson Wee they create “thefantastic3” ( concept and they teach worldwide.

Nik has presented at:

SWPP London convention speaker 2010 , 2011 & 2013,14,16,17

PWS Greek convention speaker 2010 ,2011 & 2012

WPPI Las Vegas convention speaker and judge 2012,2013,14,15,16,17

WPPM Malaysia convention speaker 2013

I am photographer 2014 (Estonia)


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