Nikki Harrison

Nikki Harrison

 SPI Introduces Nikki Harrison!

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nikki head shotAbout the Artist:

I was always an artist at heart from a very young age. I would draw in the fields by my home as a child, mostly horses, okay, exclusively horses. Eventually that continued into other things, women, mostly. School was a struggle for me, I wasn’t A D D or HDHD or anything like that, I was just, uninterested. When it came time for Art Class, however, not only was I not bored, but I excelled. I spent a great part of my childhood with my nose buried in books, and as a result I often daydreamed about a different world, somewhere foreign and exotic.

Then, as it does, life took over. Children came, dreams and passions fell away to the responsibilities of life. I read less, focused on a career more, in order to not only provide for my children, but to provide them with more opportunities than most single mothers could. I became quite successful in my field and was able to enjoy a level of success that is rare for us single mothers. I was asked to speak about my success at many conferences, on behalf of my clients, and enjoyed it. But in all honesty, I enjoyed the remuneration, much more than the work itself.

When the financial markets crashed in 2008 I found myself suddenly with a lot more free time on my hands than I had experienced for years. It was then, that I picked up a camera (that I had won as a reward gift) and started to play. I did catch the photography “bug” and dreamed of making it a career. Its funny of course, because there was a time about 2 years in, that I thought I was good enough to “go pro”. Looking back now, I was no where near good enough! After trying everything, every genre, and failing at it all, especially earning a living at it, I decided to get back into my previous career field, and strictly focus on the genre’s of photography that I loved. I would still charge, but much less, and only take on jobs that I had creative freedom to do what I loved.Of course that was when the success started for me. Six months later I was much too busy with my portrait business, to think about that other career again. Following my love of beauty, children and the magic that is them, I have managed to carve out a niche style of portraiture, that is rare, and sought after as it is not easy to find in our industry. My husband and I have settled in the Okanagan Valley, in Southern British Columbia, Canada with our two kitties, Charming and Dashing. We have 4 kids between the two of us, all of which are happy healthy adults, but sadly, live in other provinces from us.

As I have focused on my art and doing only what I love, with it has caught the eye of some in our industry, and I understand that a part of being professional is giving back. I enjoy teaching people interested in hearing what I do, how I do it. But my main goal will always be to create images for my clients that are imaginative, with a high emphasis on displaying women as not only sensual, but strong and powerful. I plan to do this for as long as I can, since I started so late in life.
—Nikki Harrison