Rick Ferro

SPI Wedding Director & Disney Photographer

Rick Ferro

SPI Wedding Director & Disney Photographer
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Friday AM early shoot :

Rick will show you how to add punch and impact to your portrait work. Are you having problems working with direct sun light? Rick will share his tips on harsh lighting. Are you having problems with hand posing and posing in general? This morning class is designed for you! We will be working with a live model so bring your gear!

It will be a little chilly so dress warm, bring your camera and capture nature’s beauty. Rick, who is a premiere Disney photographer captures wedding couples early morning daily in front of the castle.

Saturday afternoon shooting program details:

Do you want a new or additional look to offer in your portfolio? Add to your offerings and increase your range of clients? Then this is a must attend workshop! Rick is known for his vintage posing and lighting techniques. He will teach you step by step in great detail his techniques. Bring your camera and go home with images for your portfolio. Rick will teach you:

  • Vintage lighting technique

  • Posing techniques including the lost art of hand posing

  • Camera settings for a variety of effects

  • To expand your view of locations and the possibilities surrounding you

  • Top it off and attend Saturdays design class with Judy Host. She will take Rick’s images and show different techniques in Photoshop.



Rick Ferro is a Certified PPA Master Photographer and in 2002 Rick and his wife Deborah were honored with the Photography Service Award at the United Nations in N.Y.

In 1993 thru 1996 he helped develop the Wedding Photography department for Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida. In 2009 he came back to Disney as a contractor and is still working for the Disney Fine Art Production Co. He also has a studio in Jacksonville, Florida. Rick has authored 7 books.

His clients have included the Miami Dolphins, Pepsi, and Mercedes Benz. He produced eight educational videos for the Quantum Instruments Co as well as his own line of educational videos.

Rick has taught workshops worldwide and they have helped aspiring photographers young and old for years. These include appearances at WPPI for 23 years straight!

Rick specializes in teaching the art of romance, hand posing, and lighting.

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